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Surface Preparation / Marine Industrial

High pressure water blasting provides speed and versatility in removing paint coatings in multiple layers. The flow and pressure can be adjusted to remove paint coatings to the desired level. Surface rust and scale can be removed with very little effort giving a good surface to repair or re-coat.

With toxic and chemical based products there is normally a large quantity of contaminates left that require special disposal. With water unlike sand, water can be treated/recycled and reused leaving only the toxic paint alone for disposal.

Hydro Demolition

In many situations water blasting has huge benefits of being able to remove concrete with avoiding the vibration associated with equipment such as jack hammers that will damage surrounding material. Hydro demolition is used to remove sub-standard concrete while leaving your steel reinforcing and mesh undamaged but very clean.

Concrete Scarification

We use this application to scratch through the top layer of old damaged concrete to provide a suitable surface for new concrete to bind onto. This process keeps the structural integrity without destroying the original structure.

Pipe and Tube Cleaning

High-pressure water blasting for various diameters and types of pipes. Cleaning of tube bundles for the removal of build up and contaminates.

Abrasive Cutting

Water blasting can be used as a cutting tool and is uniquely suited to situations with gas and other flammable materials where heat or sparks are a dangerous option.


(20,000 psi) Industrial Water Blaster


John Deere powered 360hp turbo diesel engine powering a Jetstream 4220 pump capable of delivering 26gal (95ltrs) per/min at 20,000 psi (1400 bar).
We can run up to 4 guns at 20,000 psi at one time, which makes big jobs with tight time restraints very achievable.
We have various high pressure nozzles for simple clean up jobs right through to rotating hard-hitting nozzles for concrete demolition.


Our personal protective equipment (PPE) starts with our Transport approved Hi Vis wet weather apparel right through to specific equipment such as steel boot protectors, kevlar shin guards, hard hats, full face shields, ear muffs etc ...

Safety is a huge part of our business and we take it extremely seriously. Every job is different so we document a safety and risk analysis for every job, not only for the public's safety and ourselves but also for the environmental issues that may arise.