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Mammoth Hydroblast takes pride in having developed processes which are very environmentally friendly and highly cost competitive. Our unique approach includes the following features, to ensure maximum benefit with minimum cost to the environment

Chemical free

All of our hydroblast operations are chemical free -- we use only the deep cleansing power of high pressure water for all of our processes. Easy on the environment and reduces cost

Minimum wastewater

The amount of wastewater used by our processes is kept to an absolute minimum. Where possible we recycle or reuse the water.

Spray drift reduction

Any hydroblasting operation produces spray. We contain the spray as far as feasible using spray nets and temporary containment bundling units.

Wastewater disposal

Water used, if non toxic, is disposed into a sewer. Any water containing contaminants is either stored in an onsite container or transported to a safe storage location by tank truck

Soft residue containment

Some times soft residues like paint flakes are created by the hydroblast process. These residues are stored in a sealed container and disposed to a safe storage container on job completion

Licensed waste transport

All wastes are removed from the work location using a licensed waste transport service and disposed of in a licensed disposal, treatment or storage facility.

Noise control

Noise emissions are managed during our activities at the worksite to reduce disruption to a minimum